The people behind the prompts



RFLCT offers beginner's plans for journaling. RFLCT was created with the intention to help you build a regular journaling practise and develop healthy habits.

Mauhtab Qaderi

As an engineering student and avid journaler, I am a passionate about the power of positivity, gratitude and reflection. I want to help others ask themselves all the hard questions to create a greater self awareness.

Jenn Louie

I strive to create opportunities connect more deeply and compassionately. Harvard Divinity Student. Director at Year Zero Studios. Founder of The Soulful Supper and Lady Bit League.

Emilie Chase

As a Psychology and Peace and Conflict Studies student, I am passionate about understanding what is taking place inside of a person, and translating that into how we can have more compassion towards ourself and others.


Kunal Gupta

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Harjot Bhatia

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Kunal Gupta

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